Shervin Etaat


There exists a mystical relic, a magic egg that grants the one who holds it their greatest power. Rom, a withering magician who once possessed this egg, seeks the ancient relic that haunts his dreams. He awakes to a futuristic city of magnetic disruption where the egg is being drained as a power source to fuel the city. Knowing that itís calling out to him, he is determined to get it back. With the aid of some friends they summon a spirit that guides them as they ride through the electric city in search of the Great Egg.


Shervin Etaat is a visionary artist and master animator. Fueled by his imagination, his works explore the mythical future and the mysticism of nature. Through color and design, he creates mood and rhythm in animation. A graduate of the Character Animation program at CalArts, as well as the Division of Animation and Digital Art masters program at USC, he has studied under Corney Cole, Jules Engel, Takashi Murakami, and Christine Panushka, among others. He has developed concept art and designs for children's and adult animation pitches, and has also worked on animated commercials and illustrations. Intrigued by the creation of movement through observation and inventiveness, he is always excited by new ways of experiencing animation but understands the fundamentals of the traditional ways and its limitless potential. Shervin seeks to create strong visual images that tell stories and stays true to his Saturday morning roots.